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2018-02 – Last News From SHARP


Sharp has just launched its first policrystalline photovoltaic 72 cells module, the NUSC360 (360W). Thanks to its high efficiency and power, this panel is ideal for big-size commercial installations.

We take this opportunity to remind that for small roofs, Sharp commercialises the module NQR256A. This panel counts 48 cells (instead of the standard 60) and is therefore 30% smaller compared to standard sized modules, while still offering a comparable power output (256 Wp) and a 19,8% module efficiency.

2018-02 – Preassembled Solar Off-Grid system with lithium batteries in 40” container for a school in Cameroon


Still at the beginning of September, Solartechno has shipped a containerised mid-size off-grid photovoltaic system. Being built inside a standard 40 ft container, this system offers a high level of flexibility for installation in remote areas, where no connection to the electric power grid is available.

The system includes 90 solar panels, for a total installed power of 24 kWp, a lithium ion battery bank with a capacity of 50 kWh and a diesel generators set, which can provide electric power in case of prolonged periods with scarce solar irradiation. Originally developed to supply electricity to a high school building located in Cameroon, this system is suitable for powering other types of buildings as well as a variety of industrial and agricultural installations such as water pumps, farms, telecom stations offering an optimal ratio between performance and budget.

Also in the month of September, Solartechno has started a new project, aimed at developing and supplying 10 turnkey systems for powering the antennas of a Nigeria-based mobile telephone operator. These antennas are not connected to the electric grid but powered by diesel generator sets. Thanks to the solution developed by Solartechno, it will be possible to operate the generators at their maximum efficiency for a few hours per day instead of continuously, with remarkable economic savings and substantial reductions of gas emissions and acoustic pollution.

Thanks to the professional level of its engineers, Solartechno can handle the entire project life-cycle, from the technical-financial feasibility study, through the definition of technical specifications, to the system installation, including the on-site training of client’s personnel.

All our systems utilise lithium batteries from the Japanese automotive industry, which can be supplied new or recycled. Despite enjoying a substantial price advantage, the recycled batteries, are less than 2 years old and hence, almost new. This allows us to offer a guarantee on the remaining capacity of 90% at sale and 80% five years after installation. These batteries are certified to operate at temperature up to 60°C, which make them especially interesting for installation in hot climates, without using air conditioning.

Another very important feature of our systems is their remote control and monitoring system, which is accessible via web portal and from smartphone by means of a dedicated app. This way, it is possible reading in real-time data as production and consumption of photovoltaic energy, battery state of charge and current. This system also includes a useful alarm function via email, for the timely communication of possible anomalies.

DSCF2106 Intern of container - Nice picture - Copy - Copy

001 Transport of Sharp Solar panels

2017-10 – First full Off-Grid large summer villa in South Italy


Despite the summer holidays, August and September have been intense months for Solartechno, with several big developments..

In the first half of August, Solartechno has delivered a fully off-grid turnkey installation for a villa in the South of Italy. This system is composed of 15 photovoltaic panels for a total power of 4,5 kWp, a battery bank with nominal a capacity of 7,3 kWh and an inverter with a power of 8 kVA, making it ideally sized for users who are not connected to the electric power grid and have an average electric consumption.  This system is completely modular, so to be easily adaptable in case of changes in the energy demand, while guaranteeing low installation costs and a small footprint.

In the picture here below, a view of the solar panels roof-top installation, while the second picture shows the electric components completing the system, just above the practical and sturdy metallic locker containing the battery banks.

Panels on falt roof - at h 13 56

cabinet with batteries 4

Newsletter December 2016


Dear Customer,

Through this newsletter we inform you about the latest developments at Solar Techno in the past period.
Below we will tell you all about:

  • First off-grid system shipped to Aruba,
  • Duurzaam Nieuws: “The Netherlands is lagging behind in energy storage”
  • Off-grid system for a school in Cameroon
  • New Sharp panel available
  • and more about solar power for the Telecom Sector in Nigeria in a consulting report

We are happy to serve you.


Marco Ghirardello
CEO – Solartechno Europe BV



In the last week of November our first four off-grid systems have been installed on Aruba. On Caribbean islands like Aruba the sun appears frequently and a heavily, so solar energy is an obvious energy solution.

Include into this an unreliable power grid that often fails, you have an easy business case. Our representative in Aruba, was responsible for the realization of this system in the Caribbean and provides our customers with thorough information and advice.

Lockers on the beach, that’s the idea. In order for anyone to take a dip without having to worry about the stuff on the beach. Only an electrical connection at certain beaches of Aruba is challenging. If powering in centrally is impossible than decentralized it is! Solartechno has provided for four locations PV panels and storage systems.

If you’re ever in Aruba and you see a Beach Locker, look up once too!



Netherlands is lagging behind in energy storage. Solartechno is leading in the development of energy storage technology, nonetheless we also see little activity in the Netherlands in this particular area. Nevertheless, there is interest in this technology, but it is believed that the business case is not strong enough.

In addition, there are still some obstacles for energy storage to tackle before it can take a major role. Duurzaam Nieuws wrote: “It is reliable because it can bridge differences in demand and supply and affordable because it dampens price spikes.”

The potential of energy storage are already being used in other countries, however, the Netherlands is lagging behind and calls upon various governmental organisatioons to make changes in laws and regulations.

See also Duurzaam Nieuws



The pupils of a school in Cameroon will soon be able to keep on studying after sunset. Due to our off-grid system it will power the school via solar panels.

A NGO from Cameroon is cooperating with Solartechno to achieve this ideal.

At present, the engineers are working on the drawings and calculations, but the students of this school do not have to study for long by candlelight. Solartechno is involved in various projects with such social character, as education  ensures a country to grow further.

Who knows, maybe one of the students of this school will work at Solartechno in 10 years.


Sharp has released a new type of panel that is available through Solartechno.
Special characteristics:
– 265 Watt peak photovoltaic panel
– Assembled dimensions 980mm to 1318mm to 46mm
– 19.8% module efficiency

– See also the datasheet .

This panel is 20% smaller but just as efficient as a standard 250 Wp. Want to know more, contact us at 020 334 0120 or !



Solartechno began in September 2016 with consulting and techno/economic advise on reliable energy solutions for radio/ telecommunications customers in Nigeria. With the support of a team of engineers Solartechno has conducted a comprehensive pre-assessment to improve the reliability of power supply in the various locations of the client, which are spread all over Nigeria.

We have provided a short-term improvement in order to improve the reliability of current and new locations (hub and remote sites). With respect to properties with future placed telecom system there is an impressive and measurable reduction in operating and maintenance costs adduced associated with diesel generators. These discussions will lead to a further optimization of reliability of supply (end of 2017).

Our solution provides optimal energy and a payback period of about 3-5 years for normal location which has a fully integrated hybrid energy solution (solar PV Battery + diesel generator).

Solar energy and storage proves again to be a sustainable business case for African customers and our first steps in this exciting and crucial sector in Nigeria are very positive.

Newsletter Solartechno September 2016


  1. 1. International sales of off-grid systems
  2. 2. BuyRely
  3. 3. New prices on Sharp and Samsung products
  4. 4. Subsidy grants


Solartechno is developing in a cooperation with M2Power  some time off-grid systems. The combination of solar- & battery technology is given us benefits. Besides we launch a new product develop through this cooperation at end of December 2016 to the international market.

With prototypes of the newest product, Solartechno & M2Power have realized sales on Aruba & in the United Arab Emirates. These are prototypes of the final product which will be announced in December. Due to the development phase of the product, we are not able to provide you with too much information.

Besides the sold prototypes, Solartechno has started in beginning of September to provide clients with consults and products to the telecomsector in Nigeria. Through the support of a team of engineer we have composed we are able to answer problematic cases on solar energy and we can support you in the implementation track.

Keep an eye on our website and news letters!


BuyRely is a special ING account through which Solartechno and you can use to do business in a fast and safe way. Via the online application you’ll keep an overview of the payments.

BuyRely can be used by 2 parties: buyer and seller. The buyer makes a down payment to BuyRely and when the seller has delivered,  BuyRely releases the down payment to the seller.

BuyRely’s services is also applicable in combinatiion with a wholesaler. When the installer needs the down payment to purchase a product at a wholesaler, than BuyRely can transfer the funds to the wholesaler in order for the products to be delivered to the final customer.

Have a look on BuyRely


Solartechno has very competitive prices this fall on Sharp and Samsung products for the Dutch markets. We invite you to download these price lists via the following links. Attention!: these prices are for the Dutch market INCL. TRANSPORT.

Price list fall 2016 – SHARP modules
Price list fall 2016 – energy storage systems

Samsung SDI ESS


SDE+ (Subsidie Duurzame Energie)

  • Reimbursement per supplied kWh;
  • Requirements: >3x80A connection+ ≥ 15 KWp system;

EIA (Energie Investeringsaftrek)

  • Fiscal advantage;
  • 58% of the investments costs can be deducted of the fiscal profit;

DHI (Demonstratie, haalbaarheidsonderzoek & investeringsvoorbereidingsstudie)

  • Demonstration of our off-grid systems in different countries over the world;
  • Cost free organised by Solartechno.


The SDE+ grant is still going strong for the Dutch solar systems. From filled application from 2014 we see that 136,7 of the 882,6 Megawatt available solar systems have been built.

In 2016 the second round will be opened in October and solar systems starting from 15 kWp can apply. Would you like to buy a solar system and use the SDE+-grant? Solartechno Europe BV will support you cost free.


If a company invests in an installation for solar energy on their office building, than you may deduct something extra from your years profit. For you as entrepreneur this means:

  • Besides the usual depreciation you can deduct 58% of the investment costs of your fiscal profit with energy saving products used in your companyt;
  • Over one or more years you’ll pay less income tax or profit tax.
  • Als it is possible to apply for this grant if your an entrepreneur in Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, Saint Maarten or the BES-islands as long as you pay Dutch income or profit tax.

A complete explanation of the grant is available at Solartechno Europe B.V.
We are happy to assist you.


As you may have noticed is Solartechno active in different foreign areas. The Dutch government acknowledges a big export potential in these countries as Solartechno sees them, therefore there are multiple subsidy grants when exporting to these countries.

Or the DHI-grants will take place in 1 of the DGGF-countries, through which you can subsidize your system as a demonstration project free of charge. Are you interested in a demonstration of our newest products? Would you like to know more?

Get in touch with Solartechno via 0203440120 or

Newsletter Solartechno July 2016


News Letter Solartechno July 2016

  1. New pricelist
  2. Solartechno extents international
  3. Subsidy regulations
  4. ESA Solar try out



Solartechno has new and better pricelists for the Dutch market. We invite you to download these via the links below. Important: these prices INCLUDE TRANSPORT within the Netherlands

Pricelist juliy 2016 – SHARP modules
Pricelist july 2016 – SAMSUNG Energy storage system

Samsung SDI ESS


With great pleasure we are happy to report to you that we started activities in multiple territories. In the last year we have work a lot to enhance our network in different geographical areas.

Solartechno has been active for some time in well-known areas such as Benelux, Germany and Italy. On that we can add the following countries:

  • United Arab Emirates;
  • Surinam;
  • Aruba;
  • Curacao;
  • Bonaire.

Recently Solartechno has obtained projects on Aruba and in the United Arab Emirates. These territories are very interesting with Dutch companies; therefore we can offer such companies a interesting opportunity with multiple subsidy regulations. Visit our office in Noordwijk where we have a NoGrid system to demonstrate you the operation (5kWac power and 5kWh of storage). With this system we power a Mitsubishi Outlander on a daily basis.

Would you like to know more, please contact us by telephone: 0204330120 or



As mentioned before you can find Solartechno in territories overseas. The Dutch government noticed these countries have a market potential exactly as Solartechno noticed. Due to this there are different subsidy regulations for multiple countries worldwide.

For example you could apply for a subsidy regulation to subtract the purchase of a solar system of your fiscal profit. Or you could let a demonstration project take place in specific countries and have a portion of the involved costs compensated.

Would you like to know more? Contact Solartechno directly through 0203440120 or


ESA SOLAR try out

In the fifth week of the summer holidays, 8-11 august, the traditional Huttenbouw Noordwijk will take place. In recent years the Huttenbouw became greener. Plastics throw-away recipients were replaced by buckets, and through digitalization less paper was wasted. And this year they ask volunteers to bring along a cup and a plate. But there are more improvements possible.

When last year Marco Ghirardello, CEO of Solartechno Europe BV, discovered they were constructing huts in his backyard, he proposed for 2016 to supply them with energy though solar panels. Solartechno develops renewable mobile energy, to supply all corners of the world. For instance remote areas in Africa or Asia. The by Solartechno developed mobile energy system will be tested at Huttenbouw. In this way they can supply us of energy while test the module in a real set-up. A real win-win situation and Huttenbouw Noordwijk is very happy.

Registering can still via Also volunteers can register through the website.

Special offer


We are pleased to make a special offer of an off-grid photovoltaic power supply system that is able to operate completely independent from the public grid.

Solartechno Europe is able to assemble, with a limited availability and for a really convenient price, a fully off-grid photovoltaic system with electrical energy storage (lithium-ion battery pack).

The system includes the following components:
– 4.5kWp modules SHARP 250Wp multycristalline made in Germany (can be also Sharp 285Wp mono full black or Sharp 290Wp mono)
– Energy storage system (lithium-ion battery pack) with capacity of 25,6kWh (available 20,5kWh) @ 48Vdc (it provides up to three days autonomy for an average family’s home)
– Battery charger for charging the battery pack from solar panels
– 4,5kW single phaseinverter 230V / 50Hz with the possibility to supply power from the public electrical grid and/or from an external diesel generator or from a wind turbine
– Monitoring system for monitoring power production, battery state of charge, electrical consumption and able to send alarms. The system can be monitored through the internet.

On sale price (while stocks last): 19.800,- € + VAT (including transport costs in mainland Europe, except islands).
Further information on request.

Nex Magazine


Find out more details on our activities at the ESA Business Incubation Centre on the exclusive magazine of Noordwijk, NEX june 2015. Was a pleasure to give our contribution to the magazine explaining our project and ambitions in the photovoltaic energy industry.

Intersolar Fair


From the 10th to the 12th of June we met many companies at the Intersolar in Munich (Germany), the biggest event in the solar industry. We got a feeling with the new products and developments coming out in the solar energy sector. Soon we can provide to our clients new solutions for their PV system.