New product in development

Traditional Off-Grid system are on 3 subjects inefficient:
1. Need of space for different elektronics
2. Complicated engineering per system
3. Failure sensitive
Therefore Solartechno has started in 2014 the product development of the NoGrid in cooperation with the RVO & ESA-BIC

NoGrid fits behind a PV-panel and is a energy storage system.

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Off-Grid System for an independence from the grid

Solartechno Europe B.V. has seen that supply of electricity to rural and remote areas is becoming more and more affordable and important.

Due to the change in lifestyle and higher energy consumption the need for a more sustainable, faster and cheaper way to produce energy grows, this is where Solartechno comes in.

Solartechno offers high quality solutions in Off-grid PV systems that can produce energy during the day and also supply energy during the night.

This is done by engineering Off-grid systems that include PV modules, inverter, battery charger and batteries.

Off-grid PV systems are not connected to the electricity network and are not dependent on diesel generators. They produce energy by standing in the sun.

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Victron System Off Grid

fully off-grid photovoltaic system with electrical energy storage (lithium ion battery pack)

Victron off grid

Our systems consist of 4 main components:

Photovoltaic modules

The photovoltaic modules convert sunlight into electric energy.

Battery Charge Controller

The battery charge controller controls the energy flow of the entire system. It makes sure that the solar module charges the battery quickly and effectively, but it also protects the battery against overcharging.


The electrical energy is stored in the battery and can be used when needed during the night.


The inverter converts the battery’s DC voltage into AC voltage, which can be used by all electrical applications.


For more information download the following datasheet