2017-10 – First full Off-Grid large summer villa in South Italy

Despite the summer holidays, August and September have been intense months for Solartechno, with several big developments..

In the first half of August, Solartechno has delivered a fully off-grid turnkey installation for a villa in the South of Italy. This system is composed of 15 photovoltaic panels for a total power of 4,5 kWp, a battery bank with nominal a capacity of 7,3 kWh and an inverter with a power of 8 kVA, making it ideally sized for users who are not connected to the electric power grid and have an average electric consumption. This system is completely modular, so to be easily adaptable in case of changes in the energy demand, while guaranteeing low installation costs and a small footprint.

In the picture here below, a view of the solar panels roof-top installation, while the second picture shows the electric components completing the system, just above the practical and sturdy metallic locker containing the battery banks.

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