2018-02 – Preassembled Solar Off-Grid system with lithium batteries in 40” container for a school in Cameroon

Still at the beginning of September, Solartechno has shipped a containerised mid-size off-grid photovoltaic system. Being built inside a standard 40 ft container, this system offers a high level of flexibility for installation in remote areas, where no connection to the electric power grid is available.

The system includes 90 solar panels, for a total installed power of 24 kWp, a lithium ion battery bank with a capacity of 50 kWh and a diesel generators set, which can provide electric power in case of prolonged periods with scarce solar irradiation. Originally developed to supply electricity to a high school building located in Cameroon, this system is suitable for powering other types of buildings as well as a variety of industrial and agricultural installations such as water pumps, farms, telecom stations offering an optimal ratio between performance and budget.

Also in the month of September, Solartechno has started a new project, aimed at developing and supplying 10 turnkey systems for powering the antennas of a Nigeria-based mobile telephone operator. These antennas are not connected to the electric grid but powered by diesel generator sets. Thanks to the solution developed by Solartechno, it will be possible to operate the generators at their maximum efficiency for a few hours per day instead of continuously, with remarkable economic savings and substantial reductions of gas emissions and acoustic pollution.

Thanks to the professional level of its engineers, Solartechno can handle the entire project life-cycle, from the technical-financial feasibility study, through the definition of technical specifications, to the system installation, including the on-site training of client’s personnel.

All our systems utilise lithium batteries from the Japanese automotive industry, which can be supplied new or recycled. Despite enjoying a substantial price advantage, the recycled batteries, are less than 2 years old and hence, almost new. This allows us to offer a guarantee on the remaining capacity of 90% at sale and 80% five years after installation. These batteries are certified to operate at temperature up to 60°C, which make them especially interesting for installation in hot climates, without using air conditioning.

Another very important feature of our systems is their remote control and monitoring system, which is accessible via web portal and from smartphone by means of a dedicated app. This way, it is possible reading in real-time data as production and consumption of photovoltaic energy, battery state of charge and current. This system also includes a useful alarm function via email, for the timely communication of possible anomalies.

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