Li-ion batteries for solar systems

In our large custom made turn-key battery storage for PV systems, we use both new and recycled Li-ion battery cells from Electric Vehicles (EV). Cells are from cars made by Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and other top quality car manufacturers. The battery pack stores the excess energy supplied by the photovoltaic panels, making it available during the night, during periods of cloudy sky, in case of a grid blackout or at peak demand.

For this type of system we only select EV battery cells, which have up at least 80% capacity left based on tests performed in our lab. The EV battery cells are re-packaged and pre-assembled in our facility in the Netherlands, making easy their installation on location

The use of recycled but still functioning batteries from the automotive industry results in a cost reduction above 35% compared to new batteries, while still allowing us to give a warranty on the remaining capacity of 90% at sale and 80% 5 years after installation.
We can also supply new Li-ion batteries when required.
Solartechno also offers the possibility to purchase the battery system without solar panels as well as to integrate the system with a diesel generator for off-grid applications and/or redundancy.

Single battery cell

Battery pack

Assembled battery bank – 50 kWh

Solar Inverter and Battery Charging System

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