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First off-grid system shipped to Aruba,Duurzaam Nieuws: “The Netherlands is lagging behind in energy storage”Off-grid system for a school in CameroonNew Sharp panel availableand more about solar power for the Telecom Sector in Nigeria in a consulting report
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Marco Ghirardello
CEO – Solartechno Europe BV


In the last week of November our first four off-grid systems have been installed on Aruba. On Caribbean islands like Aruba the sun appears frequently and a heavily, so solar energy is an obvious energy solution.

Include into this an unreliable power grid that often fails, you have an easy business case. Our representative in Aruba, was responsible for the realization of this system in the Caribbean and provides our customers with thorough information and advice.

Lockers on the beach, that’s the idea. In order for anyone to take a dip without having to worry about the stuff on the beach. Only an electrical connection at certain beaches of Aruba is challenging. If powering in centrally is impossible than decentralized it is! Solartechno has provided for four locations PV panels and storage systems.

If you’re ever in Aruba and you see a Beach Locker, look up once too!

Netherlands is lagging behind in energy storage. Solartechno is leading in the development of energy storage technology, nonetheless we also see little activity in the Netherlands in this particular area. Nevertheless, there is interest in this technology, but it is believed that the business case is not strong enough.

In addition, there are still some obstacles for energy storage to tackle before it can take a major role. Duurzaam Nieuws wrote: “It is reliable because it can bridge differences in demand and supply and affordable because it dampens price spikes.”

The potential of energy storage are already being used in other countries, however, the Netherlands is lagging behind and calls upon various governmental organisatioons to make changes in laws and regulations.

See also Duurzaam Nieuws


The pupils of a school in Cameroon will soon be able to keep on studying after sunset. Due to our off-grid system it will power the school via solar panels.

A NGO from Cameroon is cooperating with Solartechno to achieve this ideal.

At present, the engineers are working on the drawings and calculations, but the students of this school do not have to study for long by candlelight. Solartechno is involved in various projects with such social character, as education ensures a country to grow further.

Who knows, maybe one of the students of this school will work at Solartechno in 10 years.

Sharp has released a new type of panel that is available through Solartechno.
Special characteristics:
– 265 Watt peak photovoltaic panel
– Assembled dimensions 980mm to 1318mm to 46mm
– 19.8% module efficiency

– See also the datasheet .

This panel is 20% smaller but just as efficient as a standard 250 Wp. Want to know more, contact us at 020 334 0120 or !


Solartechno began in September 2016 with consulting and techno/economic advise on reliable energy solutions for radio/ telecommunications customers in Nigeria. With the support of a team of engineers Solartechno has conducted a comprehensive pre-assessment to improve the reliability of power supply in the various locations of the client, which are spread all over Nigeria.

We have provided a short-term improvement in order to improve the reliability of current and new locations (hub and remote sites). With respect to properties with future placed telecom system there is an impressive and measurable reduction in operating and maintenance costs adduced associated with diesel generators. These discussions will lead to a further optimization of reliability of supply (end of 2017).

Our solution provides optimal energy and a payback period of about 3-5 years for normal location which has a fully integrated hybrid energy solution (solar PV Battery + diesel generator).

Solar energy and storage proves again to be a sustainable business case for African customers and our first steps in this exciting and crucial sector in Nigeria are very positive.

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