Newsletter Solartechno July 2016

News Letter Solartechno July 2016

New pricelist
Solartechno extents international
Subsidy regulations
ESA Solar try out


Solartechno has new and better pricelists for the Dutch market. We invite you to download these via the links below. Important: these prices INCLUDE TRANSPORT within the Netherlands

Pricelist juliy 2016 – SHARP modules
Pricelist july 2016 – SAMSUNG Energy storage system


With great pleasure we are happy to report to you that we started activities in multiple territories. In the last year we have work a lot to enhance our network in different geographical areas.

Solartechno has been active for some time in well-known areas such as Benelux, Germany and Italy. On that we can add the following countries:

United Arab Emirates;Surinam;Aruba;Curacao;Bonaire.
Recently Solartechno has obtained projects on Aruba and in the United Arab Emirates. These territories are very interesting with Dutch companies; therefore we can offer such companies a interesting opportunity with multiple subsidy regulations. Visit our office in Noordwijk where we have a NoGrid system to demonstrate you the operation (5kWac power and 5kWh of storage). With this system we power a Mitsubishi Outlander on a daily basis.

Would you like to know more, please contact us by telephone: 0204330120 or


As mentioned before you can find Solartechno in territories overseas. The Dutch government noticed these countries have a market potential exactly as Solartechno noticed. Due to this there are different subsidy regulations for multiple countries worldwide.

For example you could apply for a subsidy regulation to subtract the purchase of a solar system of your fiscal profit. Or you could let a demonstration project take place in specific countries and have a portion of the involved costs compensated.

Would you like to know more? Contact Solartechno directly through 0203440120 or

ESA SOLAR try out

In the fifth week of the summer holidays, 8-11 august, the traditional Huttenbouw Noordwijk will take place. In recent years the Huttenbouw became greener. Plastics throw-away recipients were replaced by buckets, and through digitalization less paper was wasted. And this year they ask volunteers to bring along a cup and a plate. But there are more improvements possible.

When last year Marco Ghirardello, CEO of Solartechno Europe BV, discovered they were constructing huts in his backyard, he proposed for 2016 to supply them with energy though solar panels. Solartechno develops renewable mobile energy, to supply all corners of the world. For instance remote areas in Africa or Asia. The by Solartechno developed mobile energy system will be tested at Huttenbouw. In this way they can supply us of energy while test the module in a real set-up. A real win-win situation and Huttenbouw Noordwijk is very happy.

Registering can still via Also volunteers can register through the website.

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