Newsletter Solartechno September 2016

1. International sales of off-grid systems
2. BuyRely
3. New prices on Sharp and Samsung products
4. Subsidy grants

Solartechno is developing in a cooperation with M2Power some time off-grid systems. The combination of solar- & battery technology is given us benefits. Besides we launch a new product develop through this cooperation at end of December 2016 to the international market.

With prototypes of the newest product, Solartechno & M2Power have realized sales on Aruba & in the United Arab Emirates. These are prototypes of the final product which will be announced in December. Due to the development phase of the product, we are not able to provide you with too much information.

Besides the sold prototypes, Solartechno has started in beginning of September to provide clients with consults and products to the telecomsector in Nigeria. Through the support of a team of engineer we have composed we are able to answer problematic cases on solar energy and we can support you in the implementation track.

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BuyRely is a special ING account through which Solartechno and you can use to do business in a fast and safe way. Via the online application you’ll keep an overview of the payments.

BuyRely can be used by 2 parties: buyer and seller. The buyer makes a down payment to BuyRely and when the seller has delivered, BuyRely releases the down payment to the seller.

BuyRely’s services is also applicable in combinatiion with a wholesaler. When the installer needs the down payment to purchase a product at a wholesaler, than BuyRely can transfer the funds to the wholesaler in order for the products to be delivered to the final customer.

Have a look on BuyRely


Solartechno has very competitive prices this fall on Sharp and Samsung products for the Dutch markets. We invite you to download these price lists via the following links. Attention!: these prices are for the Dutch market INCL. TRANSPORT.

Price list fall 2016 – SHARP modules
Price list fall 2016 – energy storage systems

SDE+ (Subsidie Duurzame Energie)

Reimbursement per supplied kWh;Requirements: >3x80A connection+ ≥ 15 KWp system;
EIA (Energie Investeringsaftrek)

Fiscal advantage;58% of the investments costs can be deducted of the fiscal profit;
DHI (Demonstratie, haalbaarheidsonderzoek & investeringsvoorbereidingsstudie)

Demonstration of our off-grid systems in different countries over the world;Cost free organised by Solartechno.

The SDE+ grant is still going strong for the Dutch solar systems. From filled application from 2014 we see that 136,7 of the 882,6 Megawatt available solar systems have been built.

In 2016 the second round will be opened in October and solar systems starting from 15 kWp can apply. Would you like to buy a solar system and use the SDE+-grant? Solartechno Europe BV will support you cost free.


If a company invests in an installation for solar energy on their office building, than you may deduct something extra from your years profit. For you as entrepreneur this means:

Besides the usual depreciation you can deduct 58% of the investment costs of your fiscal profit with energy saving products used in your companyt;Over one or more years you’ll pay less income tax or profit tax.Als it is possible to apply for this grant if your an entrepreneur in Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, Saint Maarten or the BES-islands as long as you pay Dutch income or profit tax.
A complete explanation of the grant is available at Solartechno Europe B.V.
We are happy to assist you.


As you may have noticed is Solartechno active in different foreign areas. The Dutch government acknowledges a big export potential in these countries as Solartechno sees them, therefore there are multiple subsidy grants when exporting to these countries.

Or the DHI-grants will take place in 1 of the DGGF-countries, through which you can subsidize your system as a demonstration project free of charge. Are you interested in a demonstration of our newest products? Would you like to know more?

Get in touch with Solartechno via 0203440120 or

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