Business and technical advice to investors and customers

We have more than 15 years of consulting expertise in the solar industry and a dynamic team of energy engineers.

We provide three types of consultancy:

Business consulting:

We advise financial investors (mainly equity investors) along the entire value chain of the solar industry. For example in year 2018, we advised more than 8 customers about the threat of Huawei entering in direct competition against Solar Edge in the residential optimizers market. Sometimes we are called in by large investment or VC firms to evaluate a company before an acquisition.

Technical consulting:

We provide technical advice to large architecture bureaus and engineering companies, which do not have enough in-house know-how about photovoltaic and/or energy storage systems. We help them in the concept design and with writing tender specifications. We also give B2B advice to companies operating in remote areas of the world, not connected to the electricity grid. In this case, for example, we advise about which renewable energy technology is the most suitable. We also design hybrid systems, with solar power combined with diesel generator.

Feasibility studies

Quite often we are required to combine both our technical and business expertise for a feasibility study. In this case, we provide the decision makers with all the technical and economic information needed to make an investment decision regarding a solar system.

For example, in the year 2017, we advised a telecom antenna tower operator in Nigeria on how to lower the total cost of ownership of 100+ telecom antenna towers. This consulting activity was then followed up by a monitoring project of the consumption of each site. Once we have one year monitoring data we will be able to design for each site the battery systems and the number of solar panels

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