Large Scale Energy Storage

A plug and play storage solution

Solartechno launches a plug and play Energy Storage System in combination with solar power. This solution allows the storage of large amounts of solar energy. This is ideal for medium scale applications both remote power (off grid) or for self-consumption during the night (grid connected). For this unit we use second life lithium battery cells from Electrical Vehicles or new battery cells. The battery cells and electronics are pre-assembled in The Netherlands in a sea container. The refrigerated sea container has cooling to enhance the life of the batteries and electronic equipment inside, the refrigerator is also powered by the solar panels. At Solartechno we believe this is the best solution for our customers: ready to be used for solar power and battery storage.


Safety first

At Solartechno we believe that our products should be safe. That is why we use quality circuit breakers and high voltage protection. We also test the second life batteries extensively selecting the best one of the batches arriving from EV cars. The containerized solution also allows the battery to be further away from the building or hazardous or industrial areas.


Unit Comment
Container size 20 feet, 30 or 40 feet Second life sea container
Container cooling Electrical, 16 kVA Commercially available refrigerated
Cooling Down to – 20 degrees Partitioning of the container can allow to use it also as a solar powered fridge
Output Voltage 400 Volt 3 phase AC A transformer to medium voltage can be added on request
Output Power continuous : 90kVA (60kW) A transformer to medium voltage can be added on request
Battery Bank 250 kWh Second life from electrical vehicles ( EV ) up to 1 MWh
Capacity guaranty Second life cells >5 years
New cells >10 years
Electronics expected lifetime >10 years
Solar system size Starting from 10 kWp
Energy storage capacity Starting from 50 kWh More container can be combined to reach higher capacities
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