Small Scale Energy Storage

OffGridBat – An integrated modular plug & play solar power system

Solartechno’s OffGridBat is a revolutionary modular system integrating Li-ion battery, thermal management, and solar panels. The OffGridBat is modular, portable, maintenance-free and easy to install and use.

Why the OffGridBat?

Disadvantages of traditional off-grid:              

    • Custom made – designed & made-to-order for a specific application
    • Made of many different components
    • The installation requires qualified personnel on the construction site
    • Large Battery banks needs to be hosted in a building 
    • Very often the building needs to be air conditioned, therefore it consumes energy
    • Not flexible – once installed the system is difficult to scale up

Traditional off-grid

Advantages of the innovative OffGridBat solution:

  • Modular and plug & play
  • Scalable – The modules can be connected to each other to create a solar generator of whichever required size
  • Assembled-to-order – no need of engineers for the design and installation
  • All the system components are all included in a single sealed element
  • Installed directly on the back of the solar panel – no need to host batteries and electronics in a separate building
  • Maintenance free (no moving parts)
  • Very low operating costs
  • Higher reliability and fail safe – in case of failure of one module, the rest of the system will still work

1 OffGridBat Battery powers this 30 watt, 4000 lumen lamp post for 3 days autonomously (tested).

System of 6 OffGridBat Batteries with inverter. The system produces 7.2 kWh and a maximum output of 2 kW.

OffGridBat technical features              

The product is water and dust tight, and the cooling system is based on a revolutionary concept that makes it practically maintenance free. OffGridBat has proven operation from -10 °C to +55 °C and 85 °C solar panel temperature.

  • Self-contained in aluminium box water and dust tight (IP65)
  • Cooling system based on a revolutionary concept that eliminates any moving parts – practically maintenance free
  • 1 kWh of available storage capacity and 1000 W of continuous power
  • Designed to work in hot climates from -10°C to +55°C ambient and 85 °C solar panel temperature
  • Long batteries life in the order of 10 years
  • Compatible with 90% of commercially available solar panels
  • Hot swap” functionality: storage and power capacity can be added (or removed) without switching off the entire system
  • Can also be recharged by diesel gensets, wind turbines or from the grid 

Panasonic cells are used, providing superior quality and lifespan.

System of 24 OffGridBat modules: 12 kW maximum output, 28.8 kWh battery capacity.

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