Solar and Batteries, the vision of Solartechno

Solar panel produces electricity intermittently and consumers of solar energy also consume energy intermittently. In a world where solar energy plays an ever-growing part, supply and demand are often not in balance. That is why our customers increasingly depend on battery storage in combination with solar.

Grid connected solar in Europe

In countries such as the Netherlands the word that characterizes the electricity grid the most is congestion. This is a consequence of new producers such as solar parks and new consumers. The solution to this problem apart from expansion of the grid capacity and more effective use of the grid, is buffer capacity. What some customers tell us that they would benefit from large scale battery storage systems installed on their premises to store energy when there is a surplus of electricity generated by the solar panels and release this electricity when there is a peak in demand. What Solartechno offers to these customers is large scale battery storage systems installed in a container. These containerized solutions are plug and play and pre-assembled and either use new battery cells or second life battery cells. The inverters are high-end inverters such as the ones from Fimer ABB and Victron Energy.

Off-Grid industrial applications

Sunny countries often have places where there is no grid available with a high energy demand. If customers in those countries choose solar based solutions for their off-grid energy needs, they often need batteries. What we also find in those countries is that customers prefer plug and play systems for easy installation on site and that the batteries and electrical equipment need active cooling. To these customers Solartechno offers customizable containerized battery solutions with active cooling. The batteries and electrical equipment are installed in refrigerated sea containers. A part of the solar energy capacity is used to power the refrigeration and maintain a good climate inside the container.

Off-Grid small scale applications

For smaller scale applications away from the grid, we believe that a battery that fits behind a solar module is the best solution in combination with high-end batteries. That is why for customers who require less than 60 kWh of storage in a location away from the grid, SolarTechno has invented the OffGridBat. The OffGridBat is modular, portable and has passive cooling to protect the batteries against temperature fluctuations and fits behind every solar module. The passive cooling system allows the system to be nearly maintenance free also when installed in desert / high temperature regions.

Battery types

Solartechno prefers Lithium Ion batteries in all its applications. This technology is simply more efficient.

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