Medium Scale Energy Storage

LithiumOnRack solution – a modular battery for small and medium enterprises

Solartechno’s LithiumOnRack solution is a medium sized and modular lithium-based solution in a standard 19 inch rack System specifically designed for small & medium enterprises. The system optimizes the use of your generated solar energy by storing it for later use. It can be also used to accumulate energy from the grid during low cost hours and release this energy during high cost hours.

Why the LithiumOnRack solution?

The LithiumOnRack provides energy storage for the electricity generated by solar panels, providing you with more independence from the power grid (your country’s energy infrastructure). This can reduce your power bill and optimizes the use of your solar panels.

It can be used also for off-grid applications (high irradiation countries or very low consumption loads in Europe).

This is done by storing the surplus of energy, generated by solar panels throughout the day, storing it for the night and for the cloudy days. The system also serves as a backup for when the power grid fails.

Other advantages of the LithiumOnRack include: – Maintenance free (just a ventilator for applications in Europe). – Little to no operating costs. – Able to lower the congestion and provide peak shaving for the power grid.


Using a modular layout the system can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user. The available battery capacity ranges from 5.2 kWh to 80 kWh (in steps of 5,2 kWh). The system output can be either mono or 3-phase and configurated as “on-grid” or “off-grid”.

The system is available as a Turn-key solution including the inverters and a user interface. The battery pack is also separately available. The battery pack can be installed in – or outside depending on the available space and the customer’s wishes.

Other options include: – Turn-key installation with solar panels – Passive cooling or active cooling for hot climates (inside the battery pack).

For installers: contact us for the price of the battery and other components.

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