Survey Orientation

    Survey Orientation

    1. Which company do you work for?*

    2. What is your first and last name?*

    3. What is your zip code + house number?*

    4. Wat is your email?*

    5. What is your direct phone number?*

    6. Do you have solar panels? If so, how much power in Watt peak?*

    7. Do you have an SDE subsidy?*

    8. Describe your current problem in as much detail as possible:*

    9. Which scenarios do you see as a solution?*

    10. What do you see as the biggest advantage of the solution?*
    Select one answer
    I think I will save money with this. I'm 100% sure
    I think immediately saving money. but the BUCA is not known
    I want to get off the grid
    Indirect benefits, such as marketing, sustainable objectives, image

    11. What kind of battery would you like?*
    Select one or more answers
    Home storage less than 15 kWh
    Home storage more than 15 kWh
    Company storage more than 50 kWh
    In sea container more than 200 kWh

    12. What would you like us to provide you with?*
    Select one or more answers
    Battery + inverter EX WORKS
    A housing that fits the battery + inverter
    Installation of the system on site
    Additional solar panels
    Extra charging stations

    13. What is your budget?*
    Select one answers
    Less than €10,000
    Up to €20,000
    Up to €30,000
    Up to €50,000
    Up to €100,000
    Up to €200,000

    14. Do you find these costs acceptable?*
    Select one or more answers
    €420 / kWh ex VAT for only a battery from 15 to 200 kWh
    Additional costs for inverter at €350 / KVA power
    Sea container battery 250 kWh & 90KVA from €130,000
    Too expensive for my budget

    15. Do you have space for a sea container?*
    Select one or more answers
    Yes, against my property
    Yes, with a distance of 10 meters to a building and boundary

    16. What are your specific electricity costs per month?*

    17. How many kWh do you use per year?*

    18. When do you use the most power?*
    Select one answer
    During the day
    In the evening
    Spread throughout the day

    19. What kind of property do you have?*
    Select one answer
    Sub-building without own land
    Shared building with its own land

    20. How big is your power connection?*

    21. Can you use the:*
    Select one or more answers
    Small one-off investment deduction
    One-off investment deduction
    Environmental investment deduction
    I do not know. I have to ask my accountant

    22. Do you want extra solar panels? If so, for how much space and/or watt peak?*

    23. Do you want extra charging stations? If so, how much?*

    24. Can you deduct the investment from the profit?*

    25. Within what time frame do you want the solution?*

    26. What options are available to you?*
    Select one or more answers
    I can buy the system
    I can lease the system
    I can rent the system

    27. If we think we can give you the right advice, we will propose a follow-up meeting. A consultation call costs €200 ex. Are you open to this?*


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