Newsletter Solartechno Mid December 2019


  1. NoGrid generation 3 release
  2. Solartechno was chosen top 10 wow factor companies at TechTour 2019
  3. First sales in Italy: car box going off the grid all together 
  4. Car battery solution, a continuous push to reduce storage costs


1) End of this year, Solartechno is proud to announce the completion and bringing into market of its third generation flagship product, the NoGrid Gen3. NoGrid is a fully modular system with integrated solar module and battery. It is a plug and play installation and is both dust and water proof; thus making it the ideal solution for rough terrains with little or no grid access. 

As an enhancement from the generation 2 model, Nogrid Gen3 has 1000 Watt output, doubling the earlier model’s 500 Watt output. In addition to this a Bluetooth monitoring has been installed, making it easy for any user to read the battery status. It is remarkably easy to install, requires little to no maintenance, can be easily shipped around the world… and it is even better now that we have Bluetooth monitoring on board!

Do you wish to find out more details about our flagship product and all its benefits for both private and commercial use? Download the data sheet, flyer or price list in the links below. 


2) On a more specific note, Solartechno has recently made sales to indoor car parking areas in Italy. They customer has chosen to move away from a grid facilitated system and into the off grid area. Thanks to the plug and play concept, he will be able to self install the full system. This lowers the total cost. Given that  the grid has a monthly fix fee of around 22 euro a month plus a small variable cost, this type of customer will be able to break even in 5 years on the investment (this is equivalent to a 20% return on investment). This was the first sale of its kind for Solartechno, and we aim to continue our entrance into this nice market defined by customer with a high grid connection fee and low consumption (indicatively up to 30 kWh/month) with possibilities all over southern Europe. 


3) Continuous development in the area of battery solutions is also taking place. As a result of high costs regardless of the battery source, Solartechno has developed a unique solution: we receive batteries out of the hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander to recycle them into a battery pack to the purpose of fitting a solar system. This allows for dramatic price reduction, whilst still enjoying high quality lithium ion batteries with long life spans. 

Currently we have one ready built system with the battery pack as described above available for sale and direct installation. It is the perfect low cost solution for any business or individual that requires the charging of electric cars, for instance. Customer with new EV recharged at home can expect a doubling of their usual electric bills.   


4) Solartechno was recently represented at the TechTour 2019, where companies from various technical sectors come together to present their latest developments and achievements, along with increase their network. We are proud to state that Solartechno was chosen to be amongst the top 10 WOW! factor companies active in the energy market today. There is no question that for us, it is full steam ahead in the continuous development of our ground-breaking products, so as to continue living up to the expectations of clients and investors. 

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